I defended my dissertation!

The Ph.D. Life

I wouldn’t consider it as the best life in this world but it’s pretty amazing.


I have used NeuPhysics extensively. Here I am putting an end to it’s life. I mean the websites, the code, and the GitHub repositories will still be here, but I will not update anything in the near future.

An overview of all the git repositories and commit history:

Of course, my whole GitHub is for my research, most of the time anyway.

I used a repository called neutrino as my public notes of the subject. Here is an visualization of this specific repo.

A private research note repository was set up in 2016.

All previous private notes are scattered among my notebooks, EverNote, markdown files, etc. One of them was a private repository called neutrino-researching on GitHub.


Anyways, academia has been good. But I would like to explore more about this world. See ya.